Restoring the Emperor’s historical Longwood House library in Saint Helena

Restoration works are needed to refurbish the Longwood House library.

Longwood House was Napoleon’s last residence. He lived there from 10 December 1815 until his death on 5 May 1821. Located on the Longwood plateau, the residence has a veranda, a room with a snooker table, a dining room, a living room, a bathroom, two bedrooms and a library.

In 2019, French historian Jacques Jourquin found a detailed description of the library left behind by Louis-Étienne Saint-Denis, known as “Ali”, who used to be the Emperor’s librarian on the island.

In order to refurbish the library according to the description left on a hand-written note by the librarian, several restoration works are needed, including:

  • To design replicas of the library’s three mahogany bookcases;
  • To print out a new wallpaper identical to the one that can be found in the bathroom;
  • To restore other bookcases “brought from England”, according to the hand-written note, as well as some of the library’s furniture (mahogany table, desk, two chairs and armchair);
  • To add windows to the door giving access to the gardens;
  • To hang curtains similar to those in the rest of the house.

This restoration project will cost £71,550. If you wish to contribute to restoration, you can contact the site manager by emailing the following address:

Last updated on: 13 May 2020