The “Sir Hudson Lowe” exhibition at Plantation House

The “Sir Hudson Lowe” exhibition at Plantation House

For the bicentenary of Napoleon’s time on Saint Helena, the island’s governor, Lisa Honan, accepted that an exhibition on her predecessor, Sir Hudson Lowe, be displayed within Plantation House which served as the Governor’s residence at the time of Napoleon’s exile.

General Hudson Lowe was responsible for monitoring Napoleon from 1816. General Lowe reportedly had a very poor relationship with Napoleon and was later the subject of numerous descriptions of various works dedicated to Napoleon’s exile (notably Walter Scott’s novel, The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, 1825). He returned to the United Kingdom in 1821 following Napoleon’s death and later went to the island of Ceylon where he was promised the position of governor. He never actually held this position.

The Governor accepted to have the original furniture of Sir Hudson Lowe restored for this exhibition. The furniture, which is still present at Plantation House, was restored in particular with the assistance of Christen Yon, whose training was largely financed by the Fondation Napoléon.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on 6 May 2019.

Last updated on: 10 March 2019
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